Cadet Programs is one of the three missions of Civil Air Patrol nationally and a priority for the Lynchburg Composite Squadron. At Lynchburg Composite Squadron, youth 12 – 18 years of age can join and participate in one of the largest volunteer forces in the world; develop leadership skills, serve their community and experience real-time actual search & rescue missions both on the ground and in the air.

Lynchburg Composite Squadron has received the distinctive designation as a “Quality Cadet Unit” for several years by National Civil Air Patrol. This is awarded only to a select number of CAP Squadrons nationwide.

Cadets in the Civil Air Patrol learn leadership, aerospace education, teamwork, respect, responsibility, military customs and courtesies, and physical fitness. Also available to cadets are a wide range of summer camps and activities that they can attend. These week long camps called National Cadet Special Activities, allow cadets to have hands-on experience with a wide range of topics from Search and Rescue, Civil Engineering, Aircraft Flight Training, and much more.


Also, upon joining CAP, cadets receive five free orientation flights, or “O-Rides” in a Civil Air Patrol powered airplane and five free orientation flights in a glider plane.


The Cadet Program is divided into four phases of leadership experience and aerospace knowledge: the Learning Phase, Leadership Phase, Command Phase, and Executive Phase. With each phase, cadets advance in leadership, aerospace education, responsibility, and physical fitness.