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Respect on Display at the Amherst County Christmas Parade

Amherst, VA. This past Friday, December 6th , six outstanding cadets from Lynchburg Composite Squadron were requested to participate in the Amherst County Christmas Parade. Our squadron provided a Colors Element and a banner to represent the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW). The Colors Element consisted of Cadet Senior Master Sergeant Rylie Stickle as the Right Rifleman, Cadet Chief Master Sergeant Zachary Huff as the United States Colors, Cadet Major Christiaan Grutz as the VFW Flag, and Cadet
Second Lieutenant Madalyn Sharp as the Left Rifleman. Cadet Airman First Class Abigail Anderson and Cadet Senior Airman Leland Moore carried the VFW banner, and Second Lieutenant Sabrena Stickle oversaw the team as Officer in Charge.

The Christmas parade was located on Main Street in Amherst County, Virginia. The element marched in the parade while displaying our nation’s colors with the respect and honor they deserve. The Color Guard’s role is to honor not only the flag, but to also show honor to the ones who fought and died for what our flag represents – Freedom.

When asked about her experience with this event, Cadet Lieutenant Sharp responded, “I felt very comfortable working with my team and I really enjoyed and appreciated the unique experience. I would definitely do it again!

Color Guard Commander, Cadet Major Grutz said, “Our team did well! I see improvement as we continue to perform, but there are still areas in which to improve. I see these events as opportunities to perfect our team. I love the constant challenge to improve and I hope to continue serving the
community in this way.”

Cadet Airman Anderson declared, “We made a few mistakes, but it was a really good learning opportunity and overall, our team did really well. The crowd kept cheering and seemed pretty excited. I think they really appreciated us being there!” She continued, “This experience has increased my motivation to continue training with the Color Guard in order to participate in more events like the parade.”

Milton Carson, previous Post 9877 Commander of the VFW expressed, “Our VFW float was directly behind the Civil Air Patrol Guard team and I saw them perform with excellence and professionalism. I heard many people from both the public and members of our association mention how impressed they were with the cadets’ performance.”

Overall, the Christmas Parade and Civil Air Patrol’s part in it was a success. Guard training requires copious amounts of time, professionalism, and dedication, but Lynchburg Composite Squadron will continue to excel with their training and seek more opportunities to serve its local communities.

Please visit for further details on how you can become involved in Color Guard and other training opportunities through Civil Air Patrol.

Photo No. 1: LynchburgCAP Color Guard Team. Photo by Sabrena Stickle
Photo No. 2: Colors Element ft. Cadet Second Lieutenant Madalyn Sharp. Photo by Sabrena Stickle

Article by Cadet Major Cornelia Fassero, CAP

B-17 Flying Fortress “Aluminum Overcast” Comes to Lynchburg

LYNCHBURG, VA- 10/29/2019

The vintage World War II B-17 bomber “Aluminum Overcast”, owned by The Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA), arrived at Lynchburg Regional Airport this week offering ground tours on Tuesday, October 29th. Aluminum Overcast serves as a tribute to those known as the greatest generation: the bold men and women who built and served on the heavy bombers in the 1940s.

As World War II raged, one American bomber gained prominence across every theater of operation. The Boeing B-17 became known as the “Flying Fortress” due to its 13 mounted .50 caliber machine guns and its reputation for toughness based upon stories and images of sustaining heavy damage and still bringing her aircrews safely back to base. Of the over 12,000 of these bombers that were produced for combat, about 40 remain and only 9 of these remain airworthy. More than just an airplane, the B-17 is living history that holds a remarkable connection to the past and is an iconic image of World War II. 

Cadets of Lynchburg CAP were honored to support the event held at Lynchburg Regional Airport Tuesday, October 29th. Photo Credit: Lt H. Heppding, PAO

During the event, the cadets and senior members of Lynchburg Composite Squadron assisted with parking visitors and directing foot traffic to the viewing area as well as staffing areas for safety and security. Cadets were offered the opportunity to tour the aircraft and assisted in take-off procedures.  Members of Lynchburg Composite Squadron were honored to assist with efforts to help maintain a safe environment for spectators to enjoy this piece of military history.

Lynchburg CAP Honor Guard Presents the Colors at Hillcats Baseball Game

Honor Guard cadets of VA-017 prepare to take the field at City Stadium for the opening of the Hillcats game on Saturday. Photo credit: Lt H. Heppding
Honor Guard cadets of VA-017 prepare to take the field at City Stadium for the opening of the Hillcats game on Saturday. Photo credit: Lt H. Heppding

LYNCHBURG, VA -25 May 2019

Civil Air Patrol’s Lynchburg Composite Squadron Honor Guard was called upon to present the Colors for the Lynchburg Hillcats game opening on Saturday, May 25th at City Stadium. 

Honor guardsmen embraced the Core Value of Excellence while honoring our military, past and present, with dignity and respect during the ceremony. 

The Honor Guard are the most visible ambassadors and representatives of the highest standards of the Civil Air Patrol. The Cadets train extensively in the Air Force and CAP Manual of Arms/Colors, ensuring they remain conditioned to provide the most honoring presentations for our nation’s service members and veterans, and our community, state, and nation. 

Lynchburg CAP Honor Guard during the playing of the National Anthem at City Stadium. 

To request a team for an event, please submit the form on our Contact Us page and expect a timely reply. Thank you for helping us serve those who serve our nation!

LynchburgCAP Welcomes Home our Vietnam Veterans



In what many would consider a gesture long overdue, the City of Lynchburg recently held a Welcome Home event for its Vietnam Era Veterans. The event was held at the newly built Heritage High School, and it was supported by HHS JROTC, LU AFROTC, and Lynchburg Composite Squadron.  Lynchburg CAP Honor Guard was called upon to present and retrieve the Colors, perform the Table of Remembrance as well as a separate POW/MIA display,and perform the Flag Fold Ceremony where the flag was presented to a chosen Vietnam Veteran. Members of LynchburgCAP then lined the walls as veterans walked down the auditorium ramp, and cadets from LUROTC and LynchburgCAP greeted each vet with a welcome.The event was deeply moving, and Lynchburg squadron was honored to be a part of such an incredible opportunity.

Our squadron’s Guard instructors have worked tirelessly to prepare capable guard members to serve in the community, and this event gave the squadron the option to deploy those skills when needed. If you are interested in serving in the Lynchburg Honor or Color Guard, please see your guard staff as soon as possible. All cadets are welcome, and there will be many more opportunities to serve in the coming months.

Memorial Day Flag Event


Each year, LynchburgCAP is honored to help serve alongside Delegate Scott Garrett as we place small flags in the neighborhoods in our community. This is done ahead of the Memorial Day weekend to remind folks why we honor this holiday, and to hold dear the sacrifice our countrymen and women have made so that we enjoy the freedoms that we have.

This year LynchburgCAP placed flags in the Forest area in a newer subdivision of homes and condos. This group of folks in our community had not seen flags placed out before, and some were deeply touched by the gesture. One couple stopped to thank us profusely, and the occupant of the vehicle was a recipient of the Purple Heart medal himself!

While the day itself was hot, and the uniform was as well, our cadets rose to the challenge and completed this act of service with excellence. A small act of service can mean a great deal to those around us, so let us never pass up an opportunity to make our community and our nation a better place!