Lynchburg Composite Squadron earns 2019 Quality Cadet Unit Award


Lynchburg Composite Squadron earns the Quality Cadet Unit Award for the 8th year with the distinct honor of meeting all 10 points of criteria for this award, among only 12 units in the nation to accomplish this distinction. This marks the fourth consecutive QCUA for Lynchburg. 

Each year, Civil Air Patrol National Headquarters examines every cadet and composite squadron’s performance in ten specific criteria. Award winners are determined by their performance from 1 September 2018 through 31 August 2019. All cadet and composite squadrons and flights with a minimum of 10 cadets are eligible for the Quality Cadet Unit Award and must meet at least 6 of the 10 criteria listed to qualify. 

Squadrons are motivated to pursue goals that will, in turn, lead to a more vibrant Cadet Program. The award is purely objective as all cadet and composite squadrons who meet the challenging criteria earn the award. This award also serves as a helpful management tool to gauge the relative health of a Cadet Program. 

Criteria include cadet achievement, adult leaders training, aerospace excellence, encampment participation, enrollment, growth, orientation flight completion, and retention. 

Captain Peter Strubhar, Commander of Lynchburg Composite Squadron, presented the Quality Cadet Unit Award to the cadet corps.

Lynchburg Composite Squadron has 85 cadets who meet on Mondays at the Virginia National Guard Armory. 

2018-2019 CRITERIA

  • Cadet Achievement: 45% of cadets on roster have attained the Wright Brothers Award
  • Orientation Flights: 70% of cadets on roster have participated in at least 1 flight
  • Retention: Unit retained 50% of first year cadets
  • Adult Leadership: Unit has at least 3 Training Leaders of Cadets graduates on its roster.  
  • Encampment: 55% of cadets on roaster have completed encampment 
  • Growth: Unit’s cadet roaster increased by 10%, or 10 cadets during previous year
  • Aerospace: Unit earned the Aerospace Excellence Award (AEX)  or sent in an after-action report on a STEM Kit during the school year. 
  • Outside Activities: Unit participated in CyberPatriot, Team America Rocketry Challenge, StellarXplorers, or hosted a Red Ribbon Leadership Academy
  • Emergency Services: 60% of cadets on roster have GES certification

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