The Great Capsby


In April, Lynchburg CAP celebrated its 4th Annual Awards Banquet and Gala, this year dubbed The Great Capsby.

So many CAP members dedicated themselves to this event, and many of our Cadets and Senior Members would be honored. We had an incredible guest speaker in Lynchburg City Sheriff Don Sloan, and members of Wing Command were gracious enough to join us as well. Lynchburg Squadron worked very hard over the previous year, and it showed in the amount of awards achieved. The night was highlighted by a 1920’s feel, complete with antique cars from the era, and members sporting era clothing. Cadets, senior members, and family shared an incredible night, great food, and dancing.

Planning is already underway for next year’s event, which will be held a bit earlier in the year. If you have any feedback from the night that will help the squadron with next year’s event, or you would like to serve at the next Gala, please see the Activities staff and let them know!