Author: RebeccaGreene

Color Guard Training Weekend

LynchburgCAP wants to ensure that all cadets interested in learning how to operate as Guard Team members have ample opportunity to do so. Its not always possible to get to the Squadron building early on Mondays, and we understand!

If you have been interested in training as a Guard Team member, this is your opportunity! Our Guard Team serves the community in many exciting ways, and we are always looking for cadets that are willing to serve in this manner.

Training will take place 27-28 October, 2018 from 0800-1400. See Lt Maresca or C/1st Lt Fassero for more information in regards to prerequisites (Curry Achievement) and details!

Flag Day Guard Event at Runk and Pratt

Lynchburg recently had the opportunity to help the residents and staff of Runk and Pratt-Liberty Ridge celebrate Flag Day! This was quite an honor because some of these residents served in the military. One of the ladies there was one of the first females in the USAF, and she served valiantly as a nurse for 20 years leading up to Vietnam.



Our guard members took time out of busy schedules, and Encampment prep, so that they could honor the folks at the home. Most of the time, the opportunity to serve is all that is needed for our cadets to step up. This time, the job came with free donuts as a gift!

The Great Capsby


In April, Lynchburg CAP celebrated its 4th Annual Awards Banquet and Gala, this year dubbed The Great Capsby.

So many CAP members dedicated themselves to this event, and many of our Cadets and Senior Members would be honored. We had an incredible guest speaker in Lynchburg City Sheriff Don Sloan, and members of Wing Command were gracious enough to join us as well. Lynchburg Squadron worked very hard over the previous year, and it showed in the amount of awards achieved. The night was highlighted by a 1920’s feel, complete with antique cars from the era, and members sporting era clothing. Cadets, senior members, and family shared an incredible night, great food, and dancing.

Planning is already underway for next year’s event, which will be held a bit earlier in the year. If you have any feedback from the night that will help the squadron with next year’s event, or you would like to serve at the next Gala, please see the Activities staff and let them know!

LynchburgCAP Welcomes Home our Vietnam Veterans



In what many would consider a gesture long overdue, the City of Lynchburg recently held a Welcome Home event for its Vietnam Era Veterans. The event was held at the newly built Heritage High School, and it was supported by HHS JROTC, LU AFROTC, and Lynchburg Composite Squadron.  Lynchburg CAP Honor Guard was called upon to present and retrieve the Colors, perform the Table of Remembrance as well as a separate POW/MIA display,and perform the Flag Fold Ceremony where the flag was presented to a chosen Vietnam Veteran. Members of LynchburgCAP then lined the walls as veterans walked down the auditorium ramp, and cadets from LUROTC and LynchburgCAP greeted each vet with a welcome.The event was deeply moving, and Lynchburg squadron was honored to be a part of such an incredible opportunity.

Our squadron’s Guard instructors have worked tirelessly to prepare capable guard members to serve in the community, and this event gave the squadron the option to deploy those skills when needed. If you are interested in serving in the Lynchburg Honor or Color Guard, please see your guard staff as soon as possible. All cadets are welcome, and there will be many more opportunities to serve in the coming months.

Memorial Day Flag Event


Each year, LynchburgCAP is honored to help serve alongside Delegate Scott Garrett as we place small flags in the neighborhoods in our community. This is done ahead of the Memorial Day weekend to remind folks why we honor this holiday, and to hold dear the sacrifice our countrymen and women have made so that we enjoy the freedoms that we have.

This year LynchburgCAP placed flags in the Forest area in a newer subdivision of homes and condos. This group of folks in our community had not seen flags placed out before, and some were deeply touched by the gesture. One couple stopped to thank us profusely, and the occupant of the vehicle was a recipient of the Purple Heart medal himself!

While the day itself was hot, and the uniform was as well, our cadets rose to the challenge and completed this act of service with excellence. A small act of service can mean a great deal to those around us, so let us never pass up an opportunity to make our community and our nation a better place!